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Several Reasons May Induce the Vitiligo

1. Whether the Self-destruction of Melanin Cells Will Induce the Vitiligo

We all known the main function of melanin cell is to produce the melanin that can maintain the normal and healthy skin in our body. Although the definite pathogenesis of the vitiligo still remain unclear, plenty of data proved that melanin cells self-destruct was one of the factors that may induce the occurrence of vitiligo. Some scholars come up with this idea that the occurrence of the vitiligo is because the hyper function of the melanin cells itself which leads to the consume or early aged of the melanin cells, there’s another possibility that the overproduce or the over assimilated of the intermediate product produced by the melanin cells itself. Some scholars point out that when the melanin cells malfunctioned or destroyed in structure, the formative of the melanin will decreased or stopped, but the process of the destroy and deconstruction of the melanin still continued leads to the skin pigment paled or loss and cause the occurrence of vitiligo. We did some statistical analysis about our vitiligo patients and found part of the patients have vitiligo after severe sunburn, this phenomena also proved the theory of melanin cells self destruct.

2. Whether the Vitiligo Patients Will Have Mental Problems

Psychologists did some questionnaire surveys for vitiligo patients and found many vitiligo patients refuse to associate with their friends, family members and school mates shun all social activities in the fear of other may known them have vitiligo and discriminate them. This vitiligo patients have anxious, depressed, self-abased mental problems.

Moreover, psychologists analysis that long time anxious, depressed, don’t have much knowledge about the occurrence and development of vitiligo, after many times treatments still get not much help will depressed even have the thought to ended their lives. This negative mental activities in turn will affect the therapeutic effect of vitiligo. So, vitiligo is a physical and mental disease and must timely combine the psychotherapy to treat the vitiligo.

3. Whether the Vitiligo Will Pass on to the Next Generation

The researches found that the vitiligo is multiple factors inheritance disease, this make it clear that the occurrence of vitiligo related to the heredity. The researches also found if monozygotic twin both have vitiligo, according to they have family history about this disease, the experts come up with that the vitiligo might is a autosomal dominant disease. Although there are different reports about the vitiligo occurrence situation in the family members of vitiligo patients, but according to the abroad data, the closer of the blood relationship the higher risk of the onset of the vitiligo.

4. The Relationship Between Vitiligo and Immune Function of Organism

During the period of scholars test vitiligo patient’s blood they found there are melanin antibody in there blood and some other immune indexes changed; the possibility of certain number of vitiligo patients have autoimmune disease is higher than normal people, or the possibility of autoimmune patients have vitiligo disease is also higher than normal people.

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