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Prevent Vitligo Caused by Environment Pollution

Prevent Vitligo Caused by Environment PollutionWith rapid economic development, quick population increase and industrial development, biological environment is also greatly damaged. Protecting environment and reducing pollution has become one important mission in all countries. And in order to prevent vitiligo, as teenagers, we should pay attention to the followings:

1. Avoid touching harmful chemicals like phenols, and raw material of rubber gloves like antioxidant ramification of light quinone, some summer shoes made of synthetic rubber.

2. Flush vegetables and fruits again and again before eating to reduce residual pesticides. Do not eat food containing heavy metal, like hg, Pb, etc.

3. Reduce harmful substances going into body through respiratory tract, do not do extensive exercises in road, or smog or dust, like walking, running, etc.

4. Reducing ultraviolet exposure, if necessary, take measures to prevent it, like travelling, jogging, put on sun cream when taking sea bath. Here we see many cases after tourism and swimming.

Vitiligo patients should be careful with harmful substances during daily life, reduce those that go into body through mouth or respiratory tract, reduce ultraviolet exposure, which are helpful in prevention of vitiligo caused by environmental pollution.

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