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Why My Vitiligo not Recover?

What are the factors can affect the vitiligo recoveing processs? There are few factors such as the duration exposure to sunlight, duration of the disease, and vitiligo's size.

Moderate exposure to ultraviolet light can make the tyrosinase increased, the melancytes volume become big, the amount of the melancytes increased. The pigment will form. Melanosomes to dendrites move faster compare with the normal people. It can make the skin pigment composure. For the vitiligo patients it is good to reduce the vitiligo size, and over sunlight irritation, it will increase the loading of the melancytes.

Thus at summer, the intense UV light will worsen the loading of the melancytes, but it also will make the intermediate substance waste increased. So that it cause the melancytes being damaged. And induce or worsen the vitiligo condition. Thus the summer this season can cause the vtiligo rebound again, or worsen the vitiligo due to the intense UV ray. By at the same time, It also is a season that can easily to treat this disease for vitiligo patients. Meantime, as the result of the long-term evolution of mankind, the face, and back of the neck, waist, back and lateral side of the extremities are exposure to sunlight.

Generally to say that, if the course of the disease is short, it will be easily to cure, but when the course of the disease is long, it would be harder to get cured. For those patients with a short time of vitiligo, their melancytes haven’t been destroyed at the white patches area. There remains some of the no active melanin. However for the long term vitiligo, the melanin have been totally destroyed, only rely the internal hair follicle and internal no activities melancytes regenerate. The treatment would be rather hard. If the hair already turned to white color, the treatment would be very difficulty. Even it is effectiveness. So persist the early diagnose, and treatment, so the patient should pay attention to this question.

When the size is large, it would be difficulty to treat. Needless to say that the small size would be easily to cure. The size of the white patches is related to melancytes destroyed level. Meanwhile it can reflect that internal environment imbalanced status. In addition, melancytes can migrate to the center of the white patches for small size vitiligo. But the large vitiligo only can rely to the internal hair follicle’s melancytes activate, regenerate, and migration. Thus, it would be more difficulty to treat it.

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