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Does Vitiligo Can be Cured

Does vitiligo can be curedVitiligo is as a kind of pigment losing disease, the etiology is not clear so far. The therapeutic effect are not very obvious, the treatment rate is low, as well as have a higher reoccurrence rate. This type disease belongs to unsolved challenges for world medical dermatology.

However recently years when we open some local newspaper randomly, we find there are a lot of the news regarding of treating vitiligo. for example cure vitiligo within one week, or the treatment effect is hundred percent, or you will see the therapeutic effect after one injection. There are many patients who have been cheated by the very attractive advertising words that never relapse. The important thing is it will delay the best treatment time, and worsen the vitiligo condition.

Vitiligo as a common skin disease, according of some relevant statistics results that 1 to 2 percent population has a risk suffering this disease. For those patients who had experience to go to specialist vitiligo hospital. The dermatologist will not promise you they never assure patients cure this at a short time.

The disease recovery process is slow and hard to cure completely, which even use the same kind of drugs. They might appear different therapeutic effect for patients with a variety of physical factors.

It is related to both genetic and nongenetic factors. Although several theories have been proposed about the pathogenesis of vitiligo, the precise cause remains unknown. Generally agreed upon principles are an absence of functional melanocytes in vitiligo skin and a loss of histochemically recognized melanocytes, owing to their destruction. However, the destruction is most likely a slow process resulting in a progressive decrease of melanocytes. Theories regarding destruction of melanocytes include autoimmune mechanisms, cytotoxic mechanisms, intrinsic melanocyte defects, oxidant-antioxidant mechanisms, and neural mechanisms.

So the treatment would not be simple as you think. We should seek for professional hospital to treat this disease.

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