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The Factors can Induce Vitiligo

The Factors can Induce Vitiligo The vitiligo treatment effects related with the individual difference. Even the patients receive the treatment in different time and different sites, the treatment effects they get also have difference. There are several factors might induce vitiligo.

1. The melanocyte distribute numbers and active degrees.

There are about 2000 billion melanocytes in the basal layer of our surface skin, the number of melanocyte distribution in different sites are different, around the sexual organs melanocyte number content is the most. In the scalp is lesser, in the trunk is the least. The melanocyte number distribution difference attribute to the skin color difference in our skin, it also influence the vitiligo treatment effects in the different sites of their body. If the melanocyte in their face distribution density is large and activity is strong, the melanocyte metabolism exuberant, their vitiligo treatment effects is better and their vitiligo treatment course is shorter. The melanocyte distribution numbers in the abdomen is the least, and the activity is the lowest, it’s treatment effects is quite poor and need long treatment course.

2. The hair follicle distribution density.

The melanocyte of the normal skin function well, it can synthesize the melanin. There is a kind of melanocyte have no activity exist in the middle or upper root sheath outside of the hair follicles, this melanocyte can not synthesize the melanin, when suffered from the stimulation or out of the physiological need, it can transferred into the melanocyte with function and generate the melanin. There are some writers holds that the melanocyte disappeared in the epidermis of vitiligo sites, but it not involve the melanocyte without the function exist in the middle or upper part of the root sheath outside of the hair follicles. There are some experiments shows that the melanocyte without function still exist in the skin lesions, it’s number and function are quite similar with the normal skin. So the medicines and ultraviolet ray can help to stimulate these small cells division and generation and make these cells become the melanocyte full of functions and let them gradually glide to the skin around the mouth of the hair follicles and pores and finally formed the pigment island take the hair follicle hole as the center, these pigment island will increase and expand and merged with each other, finally will completely cover the vitiligo. From this point, the vitiligo patients, especially the patients with large area skin lesion, the source of their vitiligo come from the melanocyte from the root sheath outside of the hair follicles.

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