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Vitiligo Causes: Why I Get Vitiligo

Vitiligo causes: why I get vitiligoAs a common type of skin disease, vitiligo is a common for skin disease patients. But why it is you get vitiligo. There must be some of the reasons and triggers.

If there is a family history of vitiligo, you have a relative higher risk to get vitiligo than the common people. If the both parents are suffering vitiligo, the children have a big risk to get vitiligo. But it is not to say the next generation will definitely get vitiligo. And if the children pay enough attention, the early attention, the lower risk of vitiligo.

The fat people are easy to get vitiligo that is not to say the fat will cause vitiligo. But it just reflects that fat people don’t like exercise. The more exercise you do, the higher immune system you have. Then you will have a low risk to get vitiligo.

You get vitiligo usually after a great life or environment change. You move one country from another country. The climate changed obviously. And if you surfer stress from your job, then you can also get vitiligo than the others. Some place is pretty hot, the skin color is deep and dark then this race of human being are easier to get vitiligo.

You may just have a holiday and enjoy too much sunshine. The skin turn itching, then the color loss occurs. But not all the patients will occur itching condition. The bite of insect can also cause itching condition.

Pressure can not only cause vitiligo, which can also worsen and stimulate vitiligo to have a further step of development. Some people with vitiligo just get vitiligo because of job loss or death of the relatives.

Over intake of Vitamin C can also trigger vitiligo. We all know that vitamins are good for our body. But there is a degree of the supplement, when you surpass the degree which will harm body and show some side effects.

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