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What is Segmental Vitiligo

What is segmental vitiligo Segmental type vitiligo refers to the white spot as a piece or few pieces along certain skin section of the innervation on the skin, generally it is distribute unilaterally. The incidence of segmental vitiligo accounted for 5%~27.9% of the total vitiligo. it is 1/3 of non-segmental type vitiligo. Adults’ vitiligo patients about 5% is segmental type, the children vitiligo more than 20%. The segmental vitiligo is early onset, It usually develops along the innervated segment of the affected skin. Thus it’s developing trend not easily to predict. But non-segmental type can affect on any part of body, it doesn’t have specific developing trend, not easily to predict.


Segmental type vitiligo the white patches color is light at the early stages, but along process of the vitiligo, the white patches will expand bigger.

2. The lesions of segmental vitiligo are different size and confined discolor white patches. The surrounding pigment become more deep, amount of the white patches uncertainly distribute on skin. But the boundaries looks clear, its hair may become white color.

3. Part of the body may appear white patches, but it mostly occurs on the hands, neck, and back of the hands. It sometimes distributes in a segmental or strap.

4. When the vitiligo develops until certain degree, hair would also gradually become white color. The sweating pore also will occlude. There is no sweat overflow in the lesion area due to the obstruction of sweat gland pores.

5. Segmental vitiligo lesion area usually quite small, vitiligo condition easily to develop, and easily to get controlled.

6. The white spot is one or several pieces, and the skin area along the skin section of the ganglion runs toward the distribution, which is mostly unilateral distribution.

7. Segmental vitiligo mostly will accompanied some white hair, it often on the hair and brown. Research found that the children is the high risk population with segmental type, it is 20% of all type of vitiligo.

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