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Why Vitiligo Patient Think They Cannot Drink Milk?

There are lots of vitiligo patient think that them cannot drink milk. That is wrong . Vitiligo patients can drink milk. Eat more foods containing mineral substance, such as calcium and iron. Vitiligo patients should supplement foods rich in calcium and iron to improve body ability to defense cold. If you feel cold, it will be related to the mineral substance 

deficiency, especially calcium, affecting vitiligo patients’ myocardium, blood vessel, muscle’ flexibility and excitability. Therefore, in winter, vitiligo patients should supply more milk product, bean product and dried small shrimps which contain calcium.

Many women vitiligo patients feel very cold in winter. They may also feel cold on their hands and feet. The deficiency intake of iron is one important reason. Therefore, women vitiligo patients should intake some foods containing abundant iron, such as animal livers. Besides, vitiligo patients’ thyroid will secrete a kind of hormone called thyroxine. Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat foods rich in iodine, such as nori. Carrot, sweet potato,lotus root, green Chinese onion and potato contain enough mineral substance. Vitiligo patients should eat more these foods to strengthen physical immunity and resist cold.

Milk can not be mixed with porridge, because milk contains vitamin A. But porridge mainly contains starch. The abundant lipoxidase in starch will damage vitamin A, making milk losing nutrition ingredient. Therefore, vitiligo patients should not mix milk with porridge.

Milk boiling time and temperature have strict demand. Don’t make the temperature too high. Or it will lead to calcium sediment and decrease milk nutrition value.Don’t choose milk of high concentrations. For vitiligo patients, if the milk is of too high concentration, it will aggravate digest pressure and aggravate vitiligo condition.

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