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What Can Trigger Vitiligo

What can trigger vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease in Indian, Middle East, as well as South Africa. It has a great influence to people’s life, and social work, and life quality. It also threatens people’s health a lot.

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by white patches. These skin patches are missing the skin pigment melanin; in most cases, the condition is triggered by sunburn. Normally, excessive sun exposure first causes skin reddening, followed by peeling of the outer skin layers, and formation of darker skin in the exposed area ("tanned" skin). However, in some cases, a reaction occurs in which the melanin production is blocked and the skin loses its color. The patches of white are usually at the site of the burn, but it is also possible for additional patches to begin appearing elsewhere. Genetic factors are believed to contribute to susceptibility to experiencing vitiligo, and the condition might be triggered by conditions other than sunburn, such as viral infections and physical trauma to the skin.

The environment factors also may trigger vitiligo.

1. Long term contact with the allergen

There are a lot of the allergens can lead to skin pathological changes, such as plant ivy, oak, all kinds of cosmetics, cleaning detergents and so on. For this group patients work or live at the environment with allergen is easily induced vitiligo.

2. People take drugs in a long term

Based on the research, many patients have an experience taking certain drugs, such as vitamin, antibiotics.

3. Chemical drugs as important reasons induce vitiligo.

People are worked in the chemical substance, chemical substance is one of the important factors induce vitiligo, long term live in the chemical drugs environment, need to be very careful about the vitiligo.

4. Long time live at crowd and dirty environment

Long time live on the crowd and dirty environment people, are easily to be infected to vitiligo.

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