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Vitiligo Patient’s Immune Disorder

Vitiligo Patient’s Immune Disorder,VitiligoVitiligo is an immune disorder which shows the white spots on skin. The color loss is cased by the lack of loss melanin, which is combined by melanocytes. There are many causes that can cause the melanocytes to synthetize pigment. The triggers include lack or loss trance elements of cupper, zinc ions, metabolism disorder, immune disorder, gene, and so on.

Now we only talked about the immune disorder. In modern and western medical field, vitiligo is universally acknowledged that it vitiligo is an immune disorder, the people’s immune system is overactive.

Everybody has immune system, the skin is the first level. The outside invaders like bacterium, virus that attack human body. The immune system will make a auto- immune response to attack the invaders to keep health.

The human body will produce some immune cells like T cell, B cell and other types of immune cells. Those cells will attack the invaders, while some self-tissues and cells share the familiar features. So the immune cells will attack the invaders as well as the self-tissues and cells.

This self-protective metabolism is overactive to the human body. The system disorder cause many inflammation factors and toxin cell, toxic protein occur in blood and body.

Some doctor studied vitiligo from this aspect, they also studied the anti-immune and anti-inflammation medicine to curb the overactive immune disorder. So to adjust the immune system is necessary.

Beside the medication and cream, the simple way is to do exercise. The people who usually do sports are not easy to get vitiligo or other types of diseases.

Immune system disorder is an internal cause, while the white spots show on skin. If we can treat and adjust the internal causes, the symptoms will also disappear.

The internal organs disorder is a big problem, the blood exists lots of inflammation factors. The symptom show on skin, but the internal organ still disorder, the inflammation factors still exist. There is the risk to occur again and again. So the proper treatment is not to treat the white patch, but to adjust the immune system and remove the blood toxin. Then we can effectively prevent it.

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