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Why Female vitiligo Easily Get Vitiligo

Why femal vitiligo eaiily get vitiligoVitiligo  will bring a lot of inconvenient to the people’s daily life. It will affect the patient’s appearance greatly. But recently we find that many of the female friends have a higher risk getting this disease than the male friends.

Many years research found that many of the female vitiligo patients are much more than the male. But many specialists indicate that the occurrence of the vitiligo regardless of sex or age. So why the female vitiligo patients are easier to get this disease than male patients. According to the research, that it has a close relation with using cosmetic products. The female patients experienced more problems, such as emotional trauma, or sunbath, gestation can make the vitiligo getting worsen. So female friends should pay more attention to it, use less products, and pay attention to daily diet habit. Avoid abusing the produces in order to become beauty.

Pay attention to your daily eating habits. Don't use cosmetics for beauty, Then, how do the vitiligo patients treat vitiligo? for traditional Chinese medicine, Through promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve the microcirculation, to improve the blood and oxygen supplying in vitiligo affected area. Which will facilitate the synthesis of the tyrosinase, and inhibit the damaged of the melancytes, prevent white patches continue spreading. By supplying the center and boost the energy to achieve the purpose of melanocytes growth and repair of residual damaged melanocytes. By regulating the kidney eliminating depression and ceasing moods to achieve the overall regulation of yin and Yang, prevent the vitiligo relapse again.

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