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Does Vitiligo will Pass on Next Generation

Does vitiligo will Pass on next generation? The vitiligo symptoms are very obvious, so it will cause people’s discrimination. With this disease, mostly young men and women are suffering from this disease. So vitiligo patients worried about if their children will also be tortured by this disease. Every vitiligo patients and their family members are eager to know if this disease will pass to next generation.

Such as when young men and women fall in love, once they know their partner has vitiligo. They will break up immedicately. It may because they could not accept this disease or their family members worried about next generation may also suffer from this disease.

The etiology and pathogenesis of vitiligo have not been fully understood. Although some organization thinks that vitiligo have certain genetic background,

Both of twin monozygotic twins suffered from this disease according to the medical report. So they mention that vitiligo properly is caused by the abnormal of the autosomal dominant genes. From the genetic angle to say, genetic factor is one of the factors. Besides that environment factors also play a very important role on it. Such as the life style, work, living environment. Study environment, and diet habit, and air, water source. Thus although the genetic factor might induce the vitiligo occurrence, however if they can totally avoid the external environment stumulus, their vitiligo will not occur.

So, in general, vitiligo has less chance of being passed on to the next generation than any other genetic disease. Therefore, vitiligo patient can marry. In addition, the children of vitiligo patients should pay attention to eating habits, life, learning, work and rest as soon as possible, do not have a psychological burden, so that the incidence of disease will be greatly reduced.

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