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What Kind of Disease for Vitiligo

What kind of disease of vitiligo Vitiligo is a kind of disease that accompanied loosing of the melancytes, forming white patches. The pathogenesis of this disease is complex and the clinic symptoms also is various.

The traditional Chinese medical theory think the vitiligo is triggered by the seven emotion stimulating, and liver-Qi stagnation, disorder of Qi and blood. Its trigger factors related to many factors, such as the environment, diet, or low immunity, disorder of the visceral, disturbance of skin micro circulation obstruction.

Human’s skin is as the vegetation on land, vitiligo is similar to the desertification of land. All the medicine and nutrients are transfer to organs and tissues by blood circulation. Because of the visceral function disorder, and immunity function disorder causing of the tyrosinase metabolism disorders for vitiligo patients. So the skin tissue unable to secrete too much melanin. In addition the poor blood microcirculation result of altering of the inner skin layer structure. The nutrients that melancytes need can not transfer to the inner skin layer cells. Causing of local pigment loosing,

If this continue for a long time, it will enter to a vicious circle. The skin white patches will expand gradually like desert.

You will not feel any pain or itching, but it will randomly appear on the skin. If it is on the exposure part, it will influence their image, even the life and work. Some vitiligo patients feel ashamed to go outside, it brings a lot of suffering to their mental. Some patients even choose to end their life. Some severe cases their hair also become white color, if we don’t treat it timely. It may further develop to the whole body vitiligo.

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