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Why Teenager Have High Risk Population With Vitiligo

For teenager with vitiligo

Vitiligo is a loss of skin pigment that causes white spots or patches to appear on the skin. No one knows exactly why this happens, but it affects people of all races, many of them kids and teens.

Because vitiligo affects a person's appearance, it can be upsetting. But it isn't medically dangerous. It's not a form of skin cancer. It's not an infection like MRSA. And it's definitely not contagious, so you can't catch it from someone else. In fact, most of the people who have vitiligo are every bit as healthy as everyone else.

More and more teenager suffering from vitiligo recent years, based on the study. The teenagers are more easy to suffer from this disease ? but Why is that so ?

Firstly. The environment pollution become more and more serious, it causes a great harm to the teenagers.


The food pollution also as one of the factors, many teenagers love to take some snacks. Snacks, but when we have those food containing large amounts of food additives long-term. It will cause patient have the dis-nutrition. And further have a impact on synthesizing of the melancytes, and then induce vitiligo.

Secondly, traumatic element. The external trauma is one of the important factor induce vitiligo for teenager group, this group people are the most active age. They are easily to have some wound on their skin. If the wound didn’t treat promptly. It may get infection even cause the onset of vitiligo.

Thirdly, genetic factor. Vitiligo have a risk to pass on nest generation. If there is one person with this disease on the big family, their members will have a higher risk than the ordinary family.

Fourth, psychological factor, the teenager are at a growth and development stage. A lot of them will have various kind of psychological problems. Such as mental stress, and emotional wave etc. All these factors will contribute to the endocrine system disorder, and affect the synthesis of melancytes.

Fifth, the life style is not irregular, with the The popularity of electronic products. Many teenagers stay up too late. It will affect the endocrine system and immunity system.

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