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Main Reason for Suffering from Vitiligo at Summer

Main reason for suffering from vitiligo at summerThe vitiligo is a skin disease that can happen on any season. Almost all patients whose vitiligo will become more worse on spring and summer. Especially at alternation period of spring and summer. We know that this period is the best time to travel outside, many people will choose to go outside having a travel. However we find that patients with vitiligo will become more after they back from the traveling. And many new white patches will appear on the exposure part. This will prove the onset of vitiligo related to strong sunlight.

In daily life, we usually will see that the normal skin is suntanned or the pigment at boundaries will be subsided, then white patches area looks like red, and no pigment increase, like this the white patches will ave a big contrast with the normal skin color. It just misunderstand that disease condition getting worsen.

Although vitiligo this disease occurs more frequently in spring and summer, there is lower risk for onset of this disease on autumn and winter, but don’t treat this disease lightly, no matter which season, the white patches color. They should continue the treatment. And never give up treating this disease when you see vitiligo become better. People’s skin color will turn to light, and they have short time to contact with the sunlight. So people’s skin color will gradually become light color. So the skin color will become more close between the pale skin and the white spot.

Human being’s various functions start to become active, especially there are new white patches during this period, which is ending of the spring and beginning of summer. It has the direct relationship with skin’s property as well as melancytes formation factors.

Melancyts function are hyperactive at the spring, the nutrition needs also will increase. However onset of vitiligo is due to decrese tyrosinase activities. It is hard to provide the nutrients.and make tyrosinase activities decrease.

Besides that, some patients’ skin have a weak immunity, so it is quite sensitive to the sunlight. It trigger skin’s response reaction, it interfere the local melancytes’ survive, and cause the onset of white spot, and then cause white patches appear.

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