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Which Group are High Risk Populations for Vitiligo

Which group are high risk populations for vitiligo Vitiligo is a common skin disease characterized as the white patches on skin, pathogenesis and the mechanism of vitiligo. Any area or race population may suffer from vitiligo in world. From the clinic to say, it seems that the deeper skin have a higher morbidity than the lighter skin color people.

Poor immunity people

For some people with a poor immunity function, they have a poor physical fitness, they easily to be infected by bacteria. So they have a higher incidence with vitiligo than the healthy people. Based on various data investigation findings, the adolescents have a higher possibility than the adults. For large amount of the clinic data research findings, the reason why teenagers suffering from vitiligo is because they are at the physical and mental development stage, nerve, endocrine is relatively unstable. Besides that, the teenagers are also more susceptible to be influenced by immunization, nutrition and the environment alterations.

This population take a long term medicine

Many vitiligo patients take medicine long term according the research, such as taking vitamin, and antibiotics and so on.

for those populations contact with the allergen

There are many different allergens can induce the skin pathogenesis. Such as some plant kinds made of the cosmatic and detergent products. If we stay on the environment contact the allergen long term, it will easily induce vitiligo.

The people who are engaged with the chemical drugs

The chemical drugs are one of the important reason inducing vitiligo, the people who are engaged on the chemical drugs environment, especially need to pay more attention to the possiblity of vitiligo.

The people who live at the crowd or dirty environment

The people who live at the crowd or dirty environment, which are more susceptible to infection and lead to vitiligo attack.

skin disease patients

Such as systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, tuberculosis, syphilis, some skin diseases and immune disorders or received some immunosuppressive drugs treatment. These patients with a low resistance, are more prone to have some herpes zoster, acne, alopecia, at the end, can resulting of the leukoplakia.

In order to prevent vitiligo happening, we need to notify these inducing factors, and stay away from the inducing factors, and to lower down the mobidity.

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