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How Important is Psychological Health for Vitiligo Patients

How Important is Psychological Health for Vitiligo PatientsVitiligo can affect patient’s psychological condition seriously, and some become autism gradually, and their relationship with their friends and families become far. It is proven by many clinical practices from vitiligo treatment center, symetrical, short-term, teenager or non-allergic vitiligo can be completely treated. But treatment for those single side, white hair and severe-allergic and wide area vitiligo takes longer time. It will be more difficult in those whose ending circulation is not so good in their joints of fingers or toes, nails, but they can get satisfactory outcome with Autologous transplantation of pigment if treated before there is amyotrophy when their condition is stable.

Here why we talk about psychological regulation is because most people attach more importance to medication, very less pay attention to their psychological demand which can also seriously affect the result after treatment. So here we talk about it in detail.

Firstly, vitiligo patients should learn to regulate by themselves and tell themselves that they can surely defeat vitiligo. At the same time, they should also be open to others, be kind, optimistic and positive to life and disease, because everything has two sides, they should look more at the positive side and then they will be more confident. Secondly, to doctors, they should give sincere help to patients so that patients can have firm confidence to prevent psychological affects due to comments, judgment from others and doctors and patients can have good basis for better communication.

We know from recovery cases that we should pay enough attention to their psychological health. It is shown from research that although vitiligo is a kind of skin disease, it is closely related with psychological factors. And in clinical practices, it is obvious that many cases are caused by psychological problem. On the other hand, patients will be in tension, fear and depression, changes like that, which can aggravate the disease and increase difficulty for treatment. So we are required to explain to patients in details in clinical practices and tell them pathogenesis, actual treatment and principles, precautions objectively so that patients can maximally know and treat the disease correctly and we can reduce their tension and help them take treatment positively.

Self-regulation requires patients to keep good mood, and face the treatment actively and believe that their condition can be treated or controlled with high success rate.

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