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Can I Scratch Vitiligo White Spots

Can I Scratch Vitiligo White Spots,VitiligoSome patients may feel itching before the white spots occur. The other vitiligo patients haven’t itching condition. But some patients get UV light, the skin will turn red and itching.

Usually the doctor tells us that you should not touch water in couple hours. And when you want to take a shower, the water should not be hot. You can take a relative clod shower, or your skin will show blisters.

When you feel itching, the cold water shower will be helpful. You can lap lightly with your hands. You can’t scratch your itching skin, because if you scratch the itching areas, the normal skin may show a isomorphic response. The normal skin can also get vitiligo because you scratch your skin. So the normal white spots can be treated, but there are new white spots occur around the previous white spots.

Scratching can let your vitiligo to spread, there are many other triggers that can also cause it spread. If you are a male, the heavy smoking and alcohol can stimulate skin lesions get worse. Pressure can cause vitiligo occur as well as worsen vitiligo. We advice the patients eat more vegetables instead of too much meat, oil foods, spicy foods, acid foods, etc.

If there is a family history of vitiligo, the children should pay attention early. Eat less vitamin C fruits and do comprehensive tests early. Vitamins are good for our body, but if you intake too much vitamin C, you have a chance to get vitiligo.

You may love sun bath to look healthy, but you get too much sunlight, the skin can get sun burn. Too strong sun exposure is a cause for vitiligo. But a appropriate amount sunlight is good for you. If the doctor tells you that you can get some sunlight that is needed for some medicine or cream used on skin, you can take 10-20 minutes sunlight. But mostly, the patients get treatments, then they should not get too much sunlight.

Sunlight is also a trigger which you should pay attention to. If you still have any different confused problems or triggers, you can leave your information and problems to our website. You can also send your problem to casuhospital@hotmail.com for help. Another way is to consult our online doctor directly.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!

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