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Vitiligo Bothers Those Who Usually Work in Tension

Vitiligo Bothers Those Who Usually Work in TensionVitiligo treatment should follow scientific principle, patients should be careful and do not believe in secret prescription. Some patients misuse medication which delayed their treatment, they missed the best time for the treatment, some even have resistance to medicine and their condition become even worse and do relapse again and again. Experts remind that vitiligo treatment is a systematic process, so patients should go to formal hospital to take professional treatment in order to get recover.

The causes of vitiligo is quite complicated and influence patient’s psychology.

It is a kind of multiple melanin loss disease which will influence patient’s physical and psychological health, and manifested with milky white or China white patches in different sizes. The lesion can happen to any part of the body, but more commonly in back of finger, wrist, front arm, face and neck, abdomen as well as externalia. Because it usually occurs to easily touched parts or exposed parts which will attract other’s attention easily, what’s more patients usually misunderstand vitiligo, many patients are in great tension both from work and life. And during treatment, it takes long time, and difficult to recover, so patients usually lose confidence which affect their physical and psychological health.

It is known that the causes leading to vitiligo are very complicated, like mental tension, low immunity, metabolic disturbance, trauma, heredity, infection and excessive sunshine exposure, long-time short-wave ultraviolet exposure, radiation, chemical irritation, allergies, other skin disease like psoriasis, some kind of internal disease like thyroid disease, malnutrition, etc. All above-mentioned factors can lead to this disease.

And experts said that vitiligo patients can get married and give birth to baby, but they should pay attention to their kids in respect their eating habit, life, study and take good rest, do not expose to sunshine too long time, and reduce their mental burden, which may reduce the incidence greatly.

How to prevent vitiligo?

Experts point out that there isn’t any specific way to prevent vitiligo, but only start from daily life, eating habit, etc. Here they give some suggestions as below:

1. Flush vegetables and fruits again and again before eat, if time allows, soak it in fresh water for 15-30 minutes and eat it after wash, and peel it for some fruits.

2. Do exercises in environment with fresh air during morning or other sports.

3. Take measures to prevent body from touching chemicals, paintings, heavy metals etc.

4. Prevent pollution from reconstruction or decoration. Some material contains formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc. Which is poison, and floor tiles, marbles also contain radiative substances which can cause damage to multiple systems and organs. So, move into new houses or room three months after decoration or reconstruction, and keep good ventilation after moving in.

5. Keep good mood, take good rest and reduce mental tension and work and study on time.

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