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Is Vitiligo a Genetic Skin Disease

Is Vitiligo a Genetic Skin Disease,Vitiligo White spots show on patients face, neck, body trunk or other areas. When the others look at the skin lesions, they are scared that may infect them. But the there are no need to worry about the infection of vitiligo, because the communication and touch won’t infect you also get vitiligo.

But there are some sign, some people do have a family history. The kids also have vitiligo when his or her mother, father and other relatives. Is this a infection of vitiligo? This is not called infection, but it id called as heredity.

If one parent has vitiligo, the kid will have a bigger risk to get vitiligo than the ordinary people. If the parents both have vitiligo, the kid has a bigger risk to get vitiligo. And the pregnancy period will influence the vitiligo development. Some mother in pregnancy period, the vitiligo condition will get better, the other ladies may get spread. The cause is that in pregnancy stage, the body will secrete much more hormones which can influence the vitiligo.

And when the parents want to have a baby, no matter the mother or the father they should let the vitiligo in well controlled. Then the risk or heredity will be decreased.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, the kid may occur when he is born, or after many years of birth. If parents with vitiligo, but that is not to say the children will definitely also have vitiligo. The children can increase the immune system and pay attention to the other triggers. Gene is only one cause of vitiligo, but the onset of vitiligo usually is triggered by many factors together. The pressure, low immune system and other causes all can lead the vitiligo occur.

And there are some of the cases, their parent without vitiligo history, but the children can also get vitiligo, why? As we said that vitiligo is only one cause of vitiligo, which can also cause other factors. And vitiligo can occur at any age, race and color of skin.

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