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Test for Vitiligo Patients

UM-D multi dimensional diagnostic systemWe normally do some test for new admission patients, there tests are designed by CASU vitiligo hospital specialists. And after analyze the test results so we can make more comprehensive therapeutic methods to our patients.

Ultra structural examination

The melancytes structure changes and the keratinocytes, langerhans structure changes will get the conclusion by ultra structural examination.

Thyroid gland T3 T4 examination

Thyroid T3 and T4 and the TSH test results show that the T4 is higher compared than the normal person for the serum. And in active phase we found tht the T4 is higher for the vitiligo patients. So the Thyroid function altering is closing related to the onset of vitiligo. In clinic thyroid T3T4 examination is significance in estimating the vitiligo is on active phase or stabilized phase.

Urine catecholamine examination

Our body will secrete too much epinephrine and noradrenalin etc negative hormones when face too much stress and mental stress. These hormones will inhibit the function of the melancytes, it will further cause the melancytes produce process obstructed. And the epinephrine and noradrenalin is called catecholamine hormones, after these hormones metabolized in liver and than excrete our to liver. We will know about the vitiligo patients emotional status by examine the urine catecholamine metabolism.

Physical examination

Filter UV ray examination ( Wood Lamp examination), it is used nickel oxide filter to obtain 320 nm to 400nm long wave UV ray, it is helpful to diagnose some skin disease, and more easily to diagnose the pigmented dermatosis. In clinic it is very hard for us to see some pale white by our eyes for some vitiligo patients with a fair-skinned. But under the wood lamp the lesion part is pure white for vitiligo patients, the boundary is very clear and the skin contrast is very obviously compare with the normal skin. especially when the white spot hair follicle white color start to restored, the effect is not obviously under the nature light at the initial stage of the skin restored process. so we need to observe under wood lamp to clarify. But the pigment nervus, pityriasis white, tuberous sclerosis, fade pigment spots after inflammation, leprosy decreased pigment spots. I will show yellow white color or grey color under the wood lamp. And tinea versucilor is clauybank or yellowish white, but the nervus anemicus pale white skin not show under wood lamp.

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