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What is the food prohibition of vitiligo?

vitiligo diet tabooDiet is a very important thing, especially for sick people who get sick mindedly.In the treatment process ,patients must pay attention to avoiding certain foods and the regulation of diet.Otherwise, it will affect the recovery of the disease.This statement is suitable for vitiligo patients.So what are the taboo for vitiligo patients?

Vitiligo is a common multiple pogmentary dermatosis.Actually it is white spot.But not all of the white spot are vitiligo.The vitiligo of white skin people may be not so obvious because the vitiligo has similar color with their skin color.Therefore, their vitiligo is not so so easy to be found.It usually appears to be a small part white patches,and mainly can appear around the body.It is common on back, wrist, forearm,face,neck and around the genitals.It is called lesion depigmentation on medicine.It happens around the world and especially in India.In China, about ten million people get it.It can involves all race and has no obvious difference between man and woman.

Vitiligo patients diet taboo:

1.Try to avoid taking vitamin C, and eat less or don't eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.Because vitamin C can reduce serum copper and serum copper oxidase,which is against the melanin formation.Melanin metabolism experiment proved that vitamin C can interrupt the formation of melanin.So the increase of vitamin C does not favor the melanin formation, and is not conducive to vitiligo patients recovery.These foods includes cherries, oranges and etc.

2.Reduce the consumption of those foods containing GSH.Long-term dietary lack of GSH can increase the tyrosinase activity in the skin.Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat less or don't eat food containing too much GSH, such as onions, fish, shrimp, lamb, peppers, etc.Especially should not drink alchhol, otherwise it will make the disease become serious.You can eat more carrots, celery, eggplant, rape, etc.

3.Eat less spicy irritant food, such as wine, chili, garlic, etc.Absolute avoid seafood, fish ,shrimp and drinking.The recurrence and aggravation of vitiligo caused by fish and drinking is very common.Some clinics can explicitly point out that the beginning of patients’ ill is related to drinking and seafood.There are also some patients complain that their white spots will expand after drinking or eating seafood.

In addition, patients with vitiligo patients should eat more food containing tyrosinase.These foods include liver, lean meat, eggs, beans, fresh vegetables and so on.The formation of melanin is tyrosine forms dopamine quinonein under the action of tyrosinase, and then oxidized to melanin.Tyrosine mainly comes from food, and tyrosinase requires the microelement such as copper, zinc.Then the activity of tyrosinase can be enhanced.So we should eat foods rich in tyrosine,copper, zinc.

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