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Can vitiligo patients take vitamin C?

vitamin CEarly diagnosis and treatment for vitiligo are of great help to treat vitiligo.Many patients are worried about whether vitiligo can be treated or not.So what is the relationship between vitamin C and vitiligo?Here are some introductions from them.

Vitamin is a kind of element to maintain life and a kind of organic substance to maintain vital movement.And it is also an important substance to keep human health.Vitamin are the necessities for human health, especially vitamin C.Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, mur-panicin.It is a kind of white or light white cream white crystalline powder(its color will get darken when meets light),and it is easy to dissolve in water and slightly dissolve to ethyl alcohol.Its water solution is acidity and will be rapidly destroyed when meet air,alkali and or high temperature.Various plants contain plenty of vitamin C.Vitamin C has some advantages ,for example,it can keep cancer cell from spreading,play an role in skin whitening,prevent a cold and strength people immunity,etc.

However,vitamin can not benefit vitiligo.On the contrary, it will induce and aggravate vitiligo.The damage of vitamin C on vitiligo can be divided to three aspects:

1.Vitamin C can make the substance dopamine quinone, which take part in the synthesis of melanin, quickly restore into dopamine, thereby blocking the biosynthesis process of melanin. Vitamin C can not only inhibit intestinal mucosa’s absorption of copper ions, but also can reduce the activity of serum copper oxidase.Thus, affect the tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin synthesis.Susceptibility to vitiligo or lower copper oxidase activity people is likely to occur vitiligo if they get long-term and excessive application of vitamin C.

2.Vitiligo can not only promote the synthesis of neurohumor,increase the consumption of tyrosine,induce the synthesis of melanin,but also will keep thiol enzyme activity,promote the synthesis of glutathione thiol compounds.Besides,it can compete copper ion with tyrosinase,which will decrease tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis.

3.Vitamin C will promote the production of antibody, aggravate vitiligo autoimmune response and inhibit the melanin cell which does not have melanin function get differentiation and proliferation,which will affect the treatment effect of vitiligo.

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