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What are the food taboo for vitiligo patients?

food tabooVitamin C has great damage to vitiligo,so vitiligo patients should avoid taking too much vitamin C in daily life.Or it will easily lead to the exacerbation of vitiligo or make vitiligo can not be treated even of long time treatment.

Vitamin C is reductant and participates in tyrosine metabolism, and it can inhibit the oxidation of dopamine.At the same time, it can make melanin in the skin restore to colorless substance and make the melanin turn into water-soluble gelatinoid,thus reducing the melanin formation.Vitamin C widely exists in fruits, vegetables, and in the leaves of some plants.Fruits abundant in vitamin C include melon, grapefruit, papaya, strawberry, mandarin orange, orange and watermelon, zizyphus jujube.Fruit juice rich in vitamin C includes grapefruit juice,orange juice, acid juice and grape juice.Vegetables rich in vitamin C include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, pepper(red or green), potatoes, sweet potatoes and tomatoes and tomato juice.In general, acidulous fruit or vegetables are of high vitamin C.We emphasis on patients to make an necessary limit to daily fruits,such as orange, apple, tomato.But from the outpatient medical history collection, we found that due to the excessive consumption of drugs vitamin C, such as daily care long-term oral administration fruit vitamin C, or long-term treatment of oral disease and injection vitamin C,these will increase white spot.

1.Take too much vitamin C:Vitamin C is reductant ,participate in tyrosine metabolism and inhibit dopamine oxidation,which will restore melanin to colorless substance or make melanin turn into water-soluble gelatinoid.Vitamin C is rich in fruits,vegetables and in leaves of some plants.

2.Alcohol and seafood:Vitiligo caused by drinking or eating seafood are quite common.Vitiligo often occurs about one week for excessive drinking or eating seafood.Some patients can explicitly points out that the beginning of their illness is closely related to drinking and eating seafood. Also some patients complains about their vitiligo spreading after drinking or eating seafood.Its pathological mechanism maybe related to that drinking affects neuroendocrine function, damages the liver, and affects the absorption of protein and zinc.

3.Foods containing phenols:monophenol or polyphenol are the intermediate substance to compound melanin, which are approved to induce vitiligo.In daily life,phenolic compound are widely used.Many vegetal foods,coffee,vegetables,fruits and food additives are rich in plenty of phenol.It has cytotoxicity effect on melanin.Besides,we find in clinic that patients who have food preference or take too much beverage are easy to have vitiligo recurrence.

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