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Why vitiligo patients should not eat vitamin C?

Avoid Vitamin CThe reasons are below: First, in the metabolism process of melanin, the tyrosine will become dopa after the function of tyrosinase. And then dopa will be further oxidized to be dopaquinone. If vitamin C participate in this process,then the dopaquinone will be reduced to dopa at once, thus stoping the appearance of melanin.

Second, vitamin C can influence the absorption of copper ion of intestinal tract, and the same time, it will reduce the content of copper-oxygenase(also called ceruloplasmin) in human blood, which will influence tyrosine activity and block the melanin synthesis.

There are some matters should be attentioned:

First, keep a pleasant mood. Psychological stimulation can trigger the happen of vitiligo. Therefore, patients should avoid any stimulation when getting treatment, such as worry, fear, pessimism and other negative emotions. These emotions will influence patients’ neurologic function, which will not only go against the treatment, but also maybe aggravate the condition.

Second, get proper sunlight. Because the happening of vitiligo is caused by the inheritance, immunity and mental factors, which will arose the synthesis obstruction of melanin in local skin and in hair follicle. And the ultraviolet ray in sunlight can promote the melanin metabolism. So proper sunlight can help transfer melanin cell to cortex towel, which will make deepen the skin color and in favor of vitiligo treatment. But in hot summer, the ultraviolet ray in sunlight can inhibit the melanin metabolism and be bad for the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, in summer, patients should avoid the direct sunlight.

Third, cultivate proper dietary habit. The deficiency of tyrosine in diet can influence the melanin synthesis. Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat food containing enough tyrosine, zinc, iron and other trace elements, such as lean, egg, animal livers, milk, loofah, eggplant, carrots and other fresh vegetables and bean products. Taking vitamin C will not in favor of vitiligo treatment. On the country, it will speed up the spreading of vitiligo. As a result, vitiligo patients should not eat vitamin C or eat less.

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