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Can vitiligo patients eat apple?

vitiligo dietVitiligo patients’ diet is very vital for vitiligo treatment, and some fruits can promote the formation of melanin in human body. These fruits can contribute to vitiligo recovery. And apple is a kind of common fruit and its nutritive value is abundant. In peacetime, eat more fruit is good for body health. But we all know that their are many dietary taboos for vitiligo patients, can vitiligo patients eat too much apple?

The experts says: vitiligo patients can eat proper apples. Because each apple contains vitamin C about 8 mg, and the content is quite little. And apple is of many benefits.

1. Apple contains abundant tannic acid, pectin and dietary fiber and other special substance. Tannic acid is the intestinal astringent and it can reduce the intestinal secretion to get a decrease of water in the stool to achieve anti-diarrhea effect.

2. Apple can increase your memory, because you know various vitamin C, mineral substance, saccharides and fat are the necessary nutritional ingredients for brain.

3. Apple can decrease cholesterol and LDL cholesterol content.

4. There are abundant coarse fibre to help patients to increase the intestines and stomach function, which will be good for digestion and immunity.

5. But remember not to eat too much green apple.

Scientific diet can effectively assist with the vitiligo treatment:

1. Eat more food containing abundant tyrosine. Tyrosine is the necessary substance for melanophore synthesis. Therefore, for vitiligo patients, they can eat some foods rich in tyrosine to promote the treatment of vitiligo.Many foods contain tyrosine, such as animal livers, meat, milk, egg, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Eat food rich in melanin. The onset of vitiligo is caused by the deficiency of melanophore. In daily life, patients should eat foods rich in melanin so that to accelerate the production of melanophore., such as black fungus, black rice, black soya beans, semen sesami nigrum. These food will not only promote vitiligo recovery, but also be good for body health.

Besides, vitiligo patients should make scientific treatment. Early vitiligo is of short disease time and small white spot. The melanin has not disappeared completely. The treatment difficulty is relatively small. So patients can apply phototherapy assisting with medicine treatment. In development period, vitiligo condition is not stable. The white spot may spread and new spot will appear. At this period, white spot is usually weak and is easy to suffer from external stimulation to generate isomorphic reaction. So patients can apply laser therapy.

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