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What is the food taboo for facial vitiligo patients?

vitiligo dietVitiligo has bring people lots of trouble because the onset of vitiligo will present on the skin. It is easy to be exposed to other people and many vitiligo patients will be self-abased. If don’t treat it timely, the condition will be more and more serious. Especially for patients whose vitiligo appearing on the face, it will be a big challenge for vitiligo patients mentally and physically. They need not only to pay attention to diet habit, but also use correct skin care product.

Vitiligo patients should not drink wine and should not eat strong excitant food especially spicy food. And seafood should also be restricted. Patients should also positively insist on treatment. Because vitiligo belongs to a kind of stubborn disease so patients should positively associate with the doctor.

First, you can not eat too much spicy food, such as hot pepper, spicy condiment. They will be bad for patients’ treatment and recovery. And seafood is easy to arose allergy and has some side effect for vitiligo patients. Avoid seafood. And then don’ t drink wine because it has great stimulation for patients. It will have harmful influence for skin recovery.

Second, don’t eat food containing vitamin C, such as green pepper, tomato, grapefruit, hawthorn, cherries, waxberry. And don’t eat vitamin C medicine. Or it will directly make the vitiligo symptom more and more serious. Besides, patients should also avoid the white lure drug, including tolazoline, phentolamine, acetyl choline and etc. These will aggravate vitiligo condition. It will be better to avoid touching and using.

Third, eat food good for vitiligo treatment. You can eat food containing enough fresh chlorophyll and eat proper food rich in protein, such as lean and egg. What’s more, eat proper black soya bean and semen sesami nigrum. And patients should also take participate in exercise positively. Only strengthen physical training can increase your physical fitness.

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