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4 Aspects of Diets You Vitiligo Patients Should Know

4 Aspects of Diets You Vitiligo Patients Should Know,VitiligoThere are many triggers of vitiligo, diet is also an important aspect you should know about. Some foods assist vitiligo make progress, the other foods can stimulate vitiligo get more worse. So we will know about the foods from 4 aspects.

1. You should try to avoid vitamin C, you need to eat less vitamin C fruits and vegetables.

2. You can eat more foods that contain cupper ion. If the level of cupper ion increased, the melanin will also increase. Then you need eat more foods like sail, mussel and clam.

3. There are some foods are good for the prevention of vitiligo, like black fungus, kelp, sea cucumber, celery, eggplant, walnuts, turtle, amaranth, leek, seaweed, and black Steamed Rice. The strawberry, red bayberry, acid and spicy foods and lamp are not good.

4. In daily life, we should eat more foods that are rich of tyrosine and minerals like beef, rabbit meat, red pork, animal liver and some fresh vegetables. Carrot, sea-tent, bens and bean products, peanut, black sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, snails, clams and other shellfish foods are good for vitiligo condition.

Diet is an aspect of vitiligo, and we should also pay attention mood, sports and immune system. Vitiligo is a chronic disease, we should have the patience and confidence to wait for the treatments effects. The specialist vitiligo treatment is necessary, the assistant treatment of diets and natural therapy all will promote the improvement.

But the natural therapy and diet cautions can’t treat vitiligo, and some patients tell us there is no difference when they eat or don’t eat some kinds of foods. And there is also the case the patient only eats once seafood then the vitiligo get worse greatly and spread to the other areas rapidly.

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