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Can vitiligo patients eat honey?

vitiligo dietFood and diseases always mutually reinforce and neutralize each other. This is the reason why when we fall ill, the doctors will tell us to supplement some foods and avoid some foods. Besides the diseases themselves, food and medicine also mutually reinforce and neutralize each other. And for vitiligo, it is the same. Doctors will tell patients to eat more foods that are beneficial to their recovery and stop some foods that can aggravate the illness condition. So patients are quite interested in how to choose the food that are beneficial to their body. And some patients are quite concerned about honey.

It is said that acceptable daily intake will help to improve body autoimmunity. Honey is a kind of natural nourishing food rich in affluent nutrition, containing about 70% glucose and fructose. It is one of the most commonly used tonic. According to the analysis, honey contains various kinds of inorganic salt, protein, and various organic acids such as vitamin,iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and trace elements that are good for human body health, and fructose, glucose, amylase, oxidase, reductase and etc. And the concentration of these substances in honey are similar to that in human serum. Besides, honey has the effect of nourishing, moistening dryness and detoxifying.

When patients eat honey, you should pay attention to matching with other foods. The protein content in soybean milk is even higher than that milk, but honey contains about 75% glucose and fructose and some organic acids. When these two substances mix together, the organic acids and protein will combine into sediment, which can not be absorbed by human body. The correct using method honey is 40℃~50℃ warm boiled water a blunt. Honey can be used directly or with other foods. But it can not be boiled. The persist using will do good to body health.

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