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What should vitiligo patients pay sttention to on drinking water?

vitiligo dietVitiligo is a kind of common congenital or acquired local or generalized depigmentation disease. It is because of the melanin function disappearance of skin. Every age groups can get the disease. It is especially common in teenager, bringing some influence for patients’ health.

Vitiligo can appear on the while body on various positions, such as back, wrist, forearm, face, neck and around the genitals. Generally speaking, this kind of skin lesion is always milk white, light pink, smooth surface without rash. It will badly affect patients’ personal image.

On water, patients should also pay more attention.

First, it is necessary to drink enough water in daily life. Researches have showed that clean,safe and healthy water is the most effective health care products. All the cells metabolism can not go on without water. Therefore, patients themselves should drink enough water to promote the metabolism of body and improve the resistance and immunity of body. Especially in autumn and winter, the weather is a little dry and the body needs water to keep the skin comfortable.

Second, don’t replace water with beverage. Beverage can not play a role in quench their thirsty. Therefore, it is wrong to drink beverage rather than water. And long-term drinking beverage will cause great harm to body health. Because there are lots of sugar and protein and some additive in beverage. After drinking, people will not get the feeling of hunger. Then it will lead to inappetence and influence the digestive function and absorption function. And it is easy to cause fat without exercises.

Third, don’t drink purified water all the time. Many people think that the purer the water, the better. Actually, it is not. Purified water will be distilled and contains no other mineral substances. Drinking too much purified water will take away many trace elements in human body. Thus decreasing body immunity and causing the onset of disease.

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