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What should vitiligo patients pay attention to on their diet?

black soya beanThe diet is very important for vitiligo patients and some patients may get repeated attack of vitiligo. It has great relationship with the diet. Because there are some foods of inhibiting effect on melanin formation. And some foods will stimulate human skin. Therefore, vitiligo patients should avoid some foods. It will be good for the recovery of vitiligo patients.

The weak immunity system is an important reason causing vitiligo. And diet is an important reason causing weak immunity. Therefore, when we are doing treatment to restore skin color, diet is an important reason to regulate body immunity. Therefore, patients must do well in the regulating aspects.

First, the foods that patients should avoid are as follows:

1. Vitamin C: Excessive vitamin C in human body will inhabit the synthesis of melanin. It will stop the following chemical reaction and stop the synthesis of melanin. So vitiligo patients must pay attention to intake proper vitamin C to ensure the nutrition. Don’t eat too much.

2. Spicy food: Spicy food will cause great stimulation to patients’ skin and some patients will get skin allergy after eating spicy food. These will lead to the aggravation and recurrence of vitiligo.

3. Wine: Too much wine will cause vitiligo patients skin allergy and aggravate condition. Human liver will get lesion with the stimulation of too much wine and even get the disease of liver cirrhosis. And then the absorption ability will get weak and the effect of medicine will also be bad. The treatment effect will be affected.

Second,the foods that vitiligo patients should supplement:

1. Food of dark color and rich in tyrosine. These foods will improve the tyrosinase activity and restore the normal function of melanophore. And then increase the generation of melanin. These foods are milk, black rice, black soya bean, animal livers, black fungus,peanut and nut.

2. Food containing enough copper and zinc. In daily life, you should use copper spoon. It will supplement copper elements and promote the recovery of vitiligo.

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