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The Vitiligo Diet Principles and Cautions

The Vitiligo Diet Principles and Cautions,VitiligoVitiligo is skin disease that is easy to occur again and again. The diet is also a significant aspect we vitiligo patients should pay attention to. Some foods can help ease the vitiligo condition, while you eat some others foods the vitiligo condition can get worse. One of the most important aspect is that you need get rid of vitamin C.

Why you should avoid vitamin C?

The cause of vitiligo is the vitiligo patients’ melanophores’ ability of synthesizing melanin decrease or disorder. So all factors that may affect the metabolism of melanin, we should avoid. Vitamin C, which is with greatest influence, can prevent dopaquinone to synthesize pigment. And it allows the synthesized dopaquinone return to dopa, stopping the biosynthesis of pigment. On the other aspect, vitamin C can affect the intestinal absorption of trace element copper ion, which can also decrease the copper oxidase activity in the blood serum, affecting the tyrosinase activity. So the patients with vitiligo should eat little or don’t eat vitamin C.

Vitamin C foods list

The foods with rich vitamin C, you shouldn’t eat or eat less, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi, strawberry, bayberry, tomato and green pepper.

The over acid or spicy foods shouldn’t be ate, and the other foods like mutton, alcohol, seafood and shrimp should avoid.

And the pressure and stay up too late will worsen the vitiligo patients’ condition.

Vitiligo patients should avoid vitamin C mainly from the diets aspect. And we should also increase the immune system and adjust the body to fight the disease.

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