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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Dessert

Can Vitiligo Patients Eat DessertMany patients like eating dessert, especially for children vitiligo patients. On diet, some vitiligo patients don’t pay enough attention so that lead to harmful damage to their body. Many kids vitiligo patients like dessert but is it right for vitiligo patients to eat desserts?

Dessert can decrease vitiligo patients’ immunity function and the defense to external harm will be weaken. If external stimulation is more serious than the resistance of body, it will aggravate or induce vitiligo. Diet is an important therapy for vitiligo. Eat proper food can help the recovery of vitiligo.Dessert, such as brown sugar, contains enough folic acid and trace substance to accelerate blood circulation and increase blood volume. And it can also stimulate body’s hematopoietic function, expand blood volume and improve nutrition, oxygen,and water supplication for local skin. Sugar can provide more energy for vitiligo patients. There are glucose, fructose and other energy substances such as monosaccharide and polysaccharide. They can accelerate skin metabolism and provide energy for cells.

And there are many vitamin and antioxidant substance to resist free radical, rebuild and protect basic cell structures, maintain the normal function and metabolism of cells. And when there are too much free radical in human body, melanophore will be damaged. Desserts can change cell functions.

Desserts contains some vitamin and electrolyte, they can adjust the different concentration of between organizations, keep the internal environment metabolism balance, remove cell metabolite, keep internal and external environment clean.

Eat too much desserts can affect the normal meal. Usually, if we eat some desserts when we are hungry, the sense of hunger will disappear soon. But is we eat dessert when we are not hungry, then it will affect the normal meal. If things goes that way, it will lead to irregular diet habits and decrease food intake. Thus leading to the deficiency of trace elements and affect the recovery and synthesis of melanophore.

There are high content of sugar, and the nutrition is single and can not provide the necessary protein, vitamin and mineral substance and etc. Patients will easy to get malnutrition and decrease immunity.

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