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The Risk Facors of Diet for Vitiligo Patient

dietHere are many cases about patient drinking too much alcohol and over eating the seafood lead to Vitiligo. Occasionally the patient’s condition becomes worse when they consume the alcohol or eating the seafood. Some patient indicates that their disease aroused after eating seafood, taking alcohol. They indicate the white spot will expend after they drinking alcohol or eating seafood. Some patient said only the white area skin feel itchiness. Some people work on food service industry, or as a driver or unable to quit the drinking. So the white spot is difficulty to control. Based on the pathological mechanism,

Which kind of food is good for the vitiligo patient?

1. Iron-supply: various animal livers, beef, Eels, pig blood

2. Zinc-supply, Oysters, herring, lean meat, fish, etc

3. Copper-supply animal liver, Shell, beans, oysters

4. Manganese-supply nuts, cereal, coffee, tea leaves

5. Iodine-supply:Kelp and all kinds of seafood

6. Chromium -supply: beef, animal liver, Roughage, black pepper

7. Selenium- supply eggs, animal internal organs, fish

8. Cobalt- supply: all kinds of sea food, honey, and meat

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