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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Turkey on Christmas Day

Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Turkey on Christmas DayThe Christmas is on the way! We all know that there will be lots of delicious foods for children and adults to eat. The most common is turkey. But for vitiligo patients, here are many foods that they should avoid and many foods that are beneficial. So, on Christmas Day, what should vitiligo patients eat and what should avoid? And can vitiligo patients eat turkey?

People will put vegetables into the turkey,such as carrot, celery, onion, chestnuts and etc. Then they will wipe various spices on the surface of turkey and put the turkey into oven to toast it. But onion is spicy food which can cause irradiation to vitiligo patients, aggravate their condition and affect their recovery. Chestnut is good for human body and for vitiligo patients recovery.

Some family will also prepare wonderful cake to celebrate the festival. Cake is one of the desserts that people most like. Although it contains high quantity of heat, it has limited nutrition value. The necessary protein, mineral substance, vitamin and other nutrient substances for human body can not get timely supplement. If things go like this way, it will damage nutrition balance of human body. Therefore, we don’t suggest vitiligo patients to eat too much cake.

And some families will prepare Lebkuchen, which is between cake and biscuit. Traditional Lebkuchen is mainly made from honey and ground pepper, both sweet and spicy, having a irritative taste. Although honey is good for human body and vitiligo patients, but pepper is too spicy, which will greatly aggravate their condition.

And then seafood. Gadus, lobster, inkfish and shell will be made to be fish meat salad. But vitiligo patients must know that seafood is food taboo. Avoid seafood and don’t eat too much.

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