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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Red Wine

Can vitiligo patients drink wineMany vitiligo patients care about their dietary habits. For example, they will ask what food they can eat and what food they should not eat. And some man vitiligo patients are cared more about whether they can drink wine or not. And the Christmas Day is coming,there will be all kinds of delicious food for people. However, vitiligo patients must pay attention to their food taboo.

Generally speaking, vitiligo patients should try to avoid drinking wine. Red wine is the generic terms of wine. Wine is a kind of alcoholic beverage made by fresh grape and grape juice after fermentation. Wine has complicated fragrance but makes people feel pleasant; wine has elegant and balanced mouthfeel. Thus wine is one of the most favorite beverage by people. However, for vitiligo patients, there are many inducing factors for their condition. Many improper diet habits will trigger and aggravate their vitiligo, so vitiligo patients can not drink wine.

We know that vitiligo patients should drink less wine, because wine has quite complicated ingredients. It is brewed by natural fermentation, and it is a kind of fruit wine. The most ingredient it contains is grape juice, and then is the alcohol made from the natural fermentation of the carbohydrate in grape. The other important ingredients include vinic acid, mineral substance and tannin. So experts suggest vitiligo patients not to drink wine. Even red wine has certain alcohol ingredients, then cause microcirculation function disorder. And too much wine can also arouse small peripheral vein expansion, blood stagnation and back flow obstruction, the cells ischemia and anoxia, and then aggravate melanophore damage. Therefore, for the sake of health, vitiligo patients should not drink wine.

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