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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Chicken

Can vitiligo patients eat chickenTraditional Chinese medicine thinks that chicken can regulate internal organs, benefit livers, supplement asthenic disease. Chicken can treat the lacking in strength and dizziness and other symptoms. These effects are beneficial to vitiligo patients. Although there are many food taboo for vitiligo patients, vitiligo patients can eat more chicken to keep healthy.

Can vitiligo patients eat chicken? Chicken is a kind of meat rich in various nutrition. And lots of people like eat chicken. But experts say that some patients are not suitable to eat chicken. But for vitiligo patients, they can eat chicken, which is known to us. And chicken is one of the indispensable foods for vitiligo patients. At present, it has been found that chicken can improve human immunity. For man, the insufficiency of kidney essence will lead to frequent urination, epicophosis, sperm decrease and coldness, but these symptoms can be alleviated by eating chicken.

In modern nutriology, there are ‘red meat’ and ‘white meat’. The former one includes pork, beef and mutton; The latter one includes poultry and seafood. The nutritive value of ‘white meat’ is higher than ‘red meat’. Chicken is the representative of ‘white meat’. The taurine it contains can increase human immunity. And taurine can increase people’s digestive ability, and plays an important role in oxidation resistance and detoxifying. What’s more, taurine can improve cerebrovascula function, improve children intelligence and help children growth and development. Especially in black-bone chicken and turkey, the content of taurine is very abundant, and it has stronger nutrition effect than normal chicken.

The different positions of chicken have different nutrition value. The chicken breast has low fat content, and contains lots of vitamin, such as vitamin B and niacin, they can decrease the cholesterol content. The chicken wings has too much fat and patients who want to lose weight should eat less chicken wings. Generally speaking, the old chicken has higher fat content than young chicken. And chicken liver has high cholesterol content, which is close to that in pig liver. So patients whose has high cholesterol content should not eat.

The Christmas Day is coming, but for vitiligo patients, there are many matters to attention, such as diet, dessert, wine and other things. For health and vitiligo condition, they should pay more attention to their food and living habits.

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