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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Pineapple

Can vitiligo patients eat pineappleThe biggest characteristic of vitiligo is that this disease is quite easy to spread. Vitiligo belongs to intractable disease, whose inducing factors varies ten of kinds, such as spirit factor, autoimmune, melanin autodestruction and etc. Experts suggest vitiligo patients go to professional vitiligo hospital to get treatment. At the same time, you should assist with daily care and dietary therapy. On diet, can vitiligo patients eat pineapple?

Pineapple peel contains abundant bromelain, which has affluent medicinal value. According to the foreign experts’ several years of experiences, it is found that long-term consumption of pineapple peel will observably decrease the morbidity of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes. At the same time, it also has some anticancer effect to some extent. Pineapple is a very common fruit in our life, which is greatly popular among children and adults. Pineapple contains abundant pineapple elements and has the effect to beautify the features, health care and clean up the intestines and stomach. What’s more, pineapple contains a kind of element called pineapple proteinase, which has decomposition effect to protein and helps to promote local blood circulation and eliminate body’s bad symptoms. It is good for human body.

However, vitiligo patients can not eat too much pineapple. Although pineapple has many advantages, it has too much vitamin C. And vitamin C will inhibit the generation of vitamin C and aggravate vitiligo condition and affect the treatment effect of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients can not eat too much food rich in vitamin C, such as pineapple and grape. And don’t eat too much spicy food and don’t drink wine. Eat more bean products and animal livers. In daily life, pay attention to reasonable diet. On the basis of ensuring nutrition, you should avoid certain food. Strength physical exercise and increase body resistance.

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