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What Should Vitiligo Patients Do on Diet

vitiligo dietFor vitiligo patients, professional and efficient treatment is one vital aspect to patients, and dietetic regulation is also a very important aspect. On diet, vitiligo patients should keep light diet and ensure nutrition. Don’t intake too much greasy food, spicy food, and food rich in vitamin C.

Vitiligo has big damage to patients, especially damage their skin. It will cause human white spots, and the white spots will enlarge and spread to other positions. Thus, patients emotion will become bad and even get depression and infantile autism. Although you get treatment, you should assist with diet regulation to better recover to normal skin color.

First, when do some cooking, you should choose good cooking method. Steaming, boiling, stew will be better than frying.Otherwise, it will cause adverse influence to patients’ condition. Vitiligo patients can not eat fried food, puffed food, barbecue, and spicy food should also be avoided, such as wine, pepper, garlic and etc. Besides, some allergic foods should also be avoided, such as button, fish and lobster. These seafood will aggravate their vitiligo condition.

Second, don’t eat or eat less fruits rich in vitamin C, such as orange, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, tomato, waxberry and etc. Because these food will cause adverse effect to their condition. It can directly aggravate their white spots. Doctors suggest not to eat or eat less. Eat more food containing protein will have many advantages to human body, such as bean products, lean meat and egg. At the same time, you can eat black bean, walnut and animal livers. What’s more, eat food containing tyrosinase and mineral substances, such as milk, raisin.

Finally, vitiligo patients should pay attention to the reasonable match. If doctors tell you some food that you can not eat, you should try to avoid. Strength physical exercise will effectively increase immunity. And protect your skin from strong sunlight.

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