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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Tea

Can vitiligo patients drink teaVitiligo patients have many dietary taboos to assist with doctor’s professional treatment. For example, you should avoid vitamin C, wine, cigarette, seafood and spicy food. And many vitiligo patients also consult about whether they can drink green tea. And here are some suggestions about that.

The majority of women like drink green tea because of green tea has beauty effect. Apart from lots of vitamin C, green tea contains an ingredient called catechinic acid. When you drink green tea, you will feel the special bitter and astringent, which is catechinic acid. It has the effect of anti-microbial and oxidation resistance. But vitiligo patients should not be crazy about green tea. Although it can benefit human body and prevent disease, the vitamin C it contains is the dangerous factor for vitiligo patients. Therefore, don’t drink too much vitamin C. People who frequently use computer can drink green tea.

Tea and vitiligo are not in conflict. Tea contains majority of sodion and magnesium ion, and minority of protein, zinc and iodine. It can prolong life and strengthen your body. It has little side effect to vitiligo patients. Therefore, vitiligo patients can drink tea properly.

During the onset of vitiligo, patients can drink tea properly. They can not only intake proper copper, zinc, iron and other trace elements, but also makes people happy and relaxed. Then alleviate the further development of vitiligo. It is very beneficial to vitiligo recovery.

For vitiligo patients, there is no side effect to drink tea. But they can not eat food contains too much vitamin C, such as watermelon, tomato,kiwi fruit, strawberry, big capsicums, alepidote, yoghourt, and etc. At present, western medicine can only control vitiligo condition in the short-term, and if you stop medicines, the vitiligo is easy to recurrent to the former condition, even more severe.

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