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Vitiligo Diet: Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Seafood

can vitiligo patients eat seafoodIn clinic, many vitiligo patients will ask such as question, whether vitiligo patients eat seafood or not. But for vitiligo patients, whether they can eat seafood or not depends on specific condition. The following are some detailed informations that are suggested by our vitiligo experts.

Seafood has always been a popular food, rich in protein, low cholesterol, all kinds of trace elements. Compared with meat, its nutrition and health substances are more superior to people. There are a lot of seafood, including raw oysters, lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumber, fish, shrimp eggs, etc., because is rich in zinc, protein and other nutrients, having the sexual potency effect and enriching essence and invigorating the kidney effect. But for patients with vitiligo, seafood should be selectively consumed. Or it will be possible to aggravate your vitiligo condition.

Like fish, shrimp, sea crab, kelp, laver which contain a smelling of urine seafood, patients with vitiligo is not supposed to eat. Because if eat too much this kind of seafood, it will cause skin allergy, prompting new white spot. Therefore as patients with vitiligo, you be prudent when eat seafood. But not all seafood are forbidded, like shellfish, shell class: conch, oyster, etc. Vitiligo patients can eat, because these seafood contain trace elements which are beneficial to the treatment of vitiligo, such as copper, zinc, selenium, etc. In addition, river shrimp, crabs, and fish also are available.

Besides, whether seafood can be ate or not should be varied by geographical. For example, vitiligo patients living by near the sea all the year round, whose staple food is seafood, they can eat seafood. Because their body has been adapted to this kind of seafood, a sudden prohibition will be bad for illness.

So whether vitiligo patients can eat seafood or not vary from person to person, owing to the different areas. Vitiligo patients should try to comply with the doctor's advice, attention to daily diet strictly.

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