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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Alcohol

alcoholFor many vitiligo patients, especially man vitiligo patient, they may have a habit, that is drinking alcohol. But after they get vitiligo, they will doubt whether they can drink alcohol or not. And whether alcohol can aggravate vitiligo patients’ vitiligo condition not. In clinic, it is found that some foods surely can trigger vitiligo and even aggravate vitiligo. And alcohol is also an inevitable problem.

Wine, is a favor for a lot of people. But it is a common phenomenon that vitiligo aggravated by drinking alcohol. Vitiligo patients who drink alcohol frequently and for a long term will induce vitiligo. Some outpatients can definitely tell doctors that their vitiligo is related to drinking alcohol, and some vitiligo patients say that their vitiligo enlarge after drinking. Their vitiligo continues spreading and enlarging to the whole body.

For people who work in the food service industry or who can not stop drinking, their white spot extension is often difficult to control, and its pathological mechanism may be related to that alcohol affect neuroendocrine function, liver damage, and the absorption and synthesis of zinc and protein. In addition, vitiligo illness is caused by pigment cell death, and cell membrane, nucleus and mitochondria are directly influenced by alcohol, they can be damaged due to drinking. In addition, drinking alcohol can make sympathetic nervous excited, the heart speed up, the emotions becokme high, indirectly secretes norepinephrine, and prompt melanin cell death. At the same time, alcohol can also cause microcirculation disorder, make small peripheral vein blood, lead to blood backflow obstacles, cause tissue cells ischemia and hypoxia injury and then aggravate the melanin cell injury. Thus, bringing more damage to patients with vitiligo.

Here, we suggest vitiligo patients: scientific and reasonable diet arrangement is crucial, diet taboos should be paid attention to in daily life, in case of patients with vitiligo illness get more and bgger damages.

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