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Vitiligo Diet: Good Or Bad For Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo dietIn daily life, you should cultivate a reasonable diet habit to reduce the recurrence morbidity, which will also be good for vitiligo treatment. From time immemorial, there have been a parlance saying medicine and diet have the same origin, indicating food and medicine have no absolute boundary. Proper dietary habit can play an important role in vitiligo treatment, on the contrary, if you take wrong food, it may aggravate your vitiligo condition. Therefore, vitiligo patients must pay attention to diet to avoid vitiligo aggravation. What should vitiligo patients pay attention to in daily life?

First, vitiligo patients should eat less vitamin C and food rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is usually used to treat various diseases, but vitamin C can make the dopaquinone restore to be dopa, thus breaking off melanin biosynthesis. Vitamin C can not only affect intestinal tract to absorb copper iron, but also affect tyrosinase activity, making tyrosinase can not oxidize and resolve the needed nutrition for melanophore. Then melanophore can not secrete melanin normally, which is bad for vitiligo condition.

Second, vitiligo patients should not eat food containing too much glutathione. If people are lack of glutathione in their diet for a long time, the tyrosinase activity will be increased. Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat less or don’t eat food rich in glutathione, and they should eat more eggplant, carrot, oilseed rape, celery, grape, walnut, apple and other fruits.

Third, don’t eat meat, fish, and spicy food. Because meat, poultry, fish and egg contain much saturated fatty acid, it will make the blood cholesterol levels increase, blood viscosity increase, blood stasis, which is bad for vitiligo condition.

Forth, eat more food rich in tyrosinase, copper and zinc. With the participation of trace elements, the tyrosinase activity will increase. Therefore, patients should eat animal livers, lean meat, bean products and fresh vegetables.

Fifth, vitiligo patients should avoid cigarette and wine. There are nicotine, tar carbon and monoxide in cigarette, which have strong toxic to human system, which can decrease oxygen content of blood and immunity.

Vitiligo belongs to a kind of stubborn skin disease, reasonable diet can help vitiligo patients supplement nutrition, which can play an assistant role to great extent.

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