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Good Nursing Help Prevent Vitiligo

Good Nursing Help Prevent VitiligoVitiligo is a kind of skin disease caused by skin melanin loss due to focal pigment metabolic disorder which manifested with white spots, most commonly in face, waist, arm, neck, corners of the mouth, top of the head, etc. And it is very common in teenagers, kids which is usually caused by dietary bias.

In order to prevent and treat vitiligo, they should follow the followings:

1. Do more exercise.

Insist on jogging, doing exercises, not just stay in bed.

2. Be away from irritating factors.

Do avoid touching chemicals and fertilizer, pesticides, gasoline, engine oil, etc. especially those who have lesions on their face, they cannot use whitening cosmetics.

3. Do not expose to strong sunshine.

This will cause skin inflammation, leading to damage of melanin and pigment loss.

4. Do not take Vitamin C.

Because this medicine can prevent production of melanin during the melanin metabolites, duly making disease worse.

5. Diet regulation.

Reasonable diet, eat more milk, egg, liver, vegetables, beans. Eat less garlic, sour, hot or mutton, shrimp, crab etc. Do not eat or eat less food rich in Vitamin C, like tomato (every 100g tomato contains about Vitamin C 40mg), wild jujube, kiwi fruit, persimmon, etc. And do not drink alcohol.

6. Control mood.

Vitiligo is related with emotion fluctuation. So, during daily life, patients should keep good mood, do not always get angry which will induce vitiligo.

Regulation and prevention are all important, but the most important is still treatment and patients should not neglect it. At the same time, treatment is the essential of recovery and health care assist with recovery, and patients should combine those together.

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