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Vitiligo Diet: Foods That Are Good and Bad for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo dietVitiligo is a kind of depigmentation disease on skin, hair, mucosa, which is caused by melanophore superficial impairment or deficiency. Vitiligo pathogenetic causes are comparatively complicated, including autoimmunity theory, melanophore self-destruction theory, neurochemistry theory, inheritance factors, trace elements deficiency, mental factors, emotion, drinking wine and cigarette, trauma, stimulation and so on.

In daily life, many vitiligo patients are depressed, pessimistic, dysphoric, depressive. These negative emotions will affect vitiligo recovery. If patients are under psychological repression state, their bodies are easy to get endocrine disorder. Melanin generation will also be restricted. Finally, white spots will develop and spread, increase treatment difficulty. Therefore, vitiligo patients should adjust their own psychology. Vitiligo patients should decrease mental pressure, alternate work with rest, take positive treatment, properly do some exercises to improve autoimmunity.

What’s more, vitiligo patients should pay attention to diet. Eat foods rich in copper, zinc, iron to strengthen tyrosinase activity, then accelerate melanin synthesis, such as lean, beef, pork, egg, animal livers, fresh vegetables. Eat more nuts, such as gingko, peanut, walnut, sunflower seed, bean products, black sesame and etc. Don’t at fish, shrimp and other seafood. Don’t eat fruits containing too much vitamin C, such as orange, grapefruits, hawthorn, grape, kiwi fruit, strawberry. As for spicy food, such as pepper, fresh ginger, raw onion, raw garlic, wine, shrimp, crab, mutton and etc. A balanced diet can benefit vitiligo recovery. Vitiligo treatment should be scientific and reasonable. Pay attention to balanced diet can prevent the onset of vitiligo.

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