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Vitiligo Diet: Why Nut is Good for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo dietVitiligo patients must be prudent on dietary habit and living habit. On the one hand, you should cooperate with doctors’ treatment. On the other hand, you should also make proper dietary plan and cultivate good living habits according to doctors’ suggestions.

No doubt, there are some foods beneficial to vitiligo patients’ condition and also some food bad for vitiligo patients’ condition. Food taboo is an important and necessary part for vitiligo treatment.

Food taboo: fruit rich in vitamin C should be avoided, such as orange, grapefruit, hawthorn, grape, kiwi fruit, strawberry and etc. And vitiligo patients are not supposed to eat spicy food, such as pepper, fresh ginger, raw onion, raw garlic, wine and stimulating food( seafood, mutton, shrimps and etc ).

In daily life, vitiligo patients can eat more nuts. Nuts are the essence part of plants, which containing plenty of nutrition. For example, tyrosine, vitamin B and trace element are of high content. Daily properly intake nut will assistantly treat vitiligo. The tyrosinase in nut can promote melanin synthesis, which are of great helpful to vitiligo patients. Besides, nuts’ property and flavor are partial to tepidity, proper content will not arouse anger. At the same time, nut can supplement kidney, benefit brain and build up body health. It can effectively help vitiligo patients defense cold weather and strengthen physical fitness. Reach the purpose of diseases prevention.

Vitiligo patients should eat more food containing enough tyrosine, such as beef, pork meat, egg, animal livers, kidney and etc. Fresh vegetables, black soya bean, black sesame, and walnut and etc.

Nuts are rich in tyrosine, which can promote melanin synthesis and improve self-immunity. Copper, iron, and zinc and trace elements can activate tyrosine activity and accelerate melanin synthesis. In cold winter, vitiligo patients can eat more walnut, filbert, pine nut, lotus nut and peanut.

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