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Health Maintenance For Vitiligo Patients

Health Maintenance For Vitiligo PatientsMay 5th, is Beginning of Summer, (7th solar term), as transition period from late spring to summer, patients should pay special attention to their health maintenance so that they can spend the summer without problem.

Diet in Early Summer

Egg is the best food to supply nutrition

Egg is rich in nutrition, which can supply all necessary nutrition needed by our body. Because of heavy sweat in summer, people will get fatigue easily, lose appetite, eating an egg at this time can help improve this condition quickly, at the same time, improve our body’s resistance to disease and spend summer without problems.

Drinking green tea to supply water and eliminate summer-heat.

They have the customs to drink tea on the day of Beginning of Summer in Jiangxi, Yangzhou, and other areas. It is very hot in summer, and always drinking tea, especially green tea can help eliminate summer-heat and help with diuretics.

Eating Porridge can help improve stomach Qi

After summer, people will lose appetite because of hotness, and dampness and hotness stay inside the body, and gastrointestinal system can not work normally. So, regulating stomach Qi can improve such condition and helpful with digestion and absorption.

Eating Sour food to protect Spleen Qi

People will always have incoordination between spleen and stomach and deficiency of spleen, etc. Sour food can help improve digestion of spleen and stomach, and eating more food like tomato, hawthorn, kiwi fruit, etc. Can help reduce sweat, remove dampness, promote secretion of saliva and quench thirsty, invigorate spleen to promote digestion.

Drinking Soup can help nourish Yin and moisten dryness

At the end of spring and beginning of summer, cook some root of straight ladybell, radix polygonati officinalis and steak soup, drink some each time, it will help improve dryness. Root of straight ladybell has the effect of nourishing yin, moistening lung, tonifying stomach and promoting fluid, antipyretic and releasing pain. And radix polygonati officinalis and root of straight ladybell has similar functions, they are all good for nourishing yin. So, cooking them together is very beneficial to human body.

Do exercises

Get up early in the morning and go to bed early in the evening in order to protect cardiovascular, especially avoid heavy sweating, because it can cause electrolytes disturbance and damage Yang inside human body.

But no exercise is also not good for health. And the best time in summer is morning, so it is better for you to get up early in the morning and have a walk around near forest, garden, which help improve sublimation of Yang in body, and metabolites.

Turn eyes during noon nap to improve heart function

In theory of traditional Chinese medicine, doctors think that heart dominates spirit. And close your eyes can help improve heart function. And if at the beginning of afternoon nap, you keep turning eye balls, it can not only help improve sleeping quality, but also can relieve tiredness and improve efficiency in afternoon.

Do it like: Turn eye balls from left to right for 9 times, and then turn from right to left for 9 times, and close eyes for a few seconds and open it quickly.

Comb your hair during evening help prevent palpitation

Combing your hair by pressing acupoints like Du Mai, Pangguangjing, Danjing with your five fingers totally five meridians. Take a break after arriving home, comb for 3-5 times, and 3-5 minutes each time, and 3 more times before sleep.

It can stimulate acupoints at head to dredge channels and improve blood circulation, and metabolites. Combing hair usually can refresh oneself.

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