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Diet Attention for Vitiligo Patients

Diet Attention for Vitiligo PatientsMore and more people are suffering from vitiligo. The vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease and the incidence of this disease gradually increases year by year. And it has a great effect the appearance of the patients at the same time it crush the patient’s confidence to life. So in the daily life, the patients should not only seek for professional treatment but also need to be cautious about their diet habit. The patients must not take some adverse food staff due too their glutton or carelessness. CASU vitiligo hospital specialist summarizes the few points about the diet suggestions.

Firstly the patient should smoking and drinking less. We know that the smoking and drinking is harmful to our body, so the patients should quit smoking and wine. Cigarette contains some toxins substance which will harm our body. Long-term drinking can directly produce alcoholic-toxic vitiligo. So the patients should pay more attention that.

Secondly vitiligo patients should intake more foods that contain copper, copper is abundant in dried mushroom, tea, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame paste, cocoa powder, and animal liver. This food is good for patient’s skin color restoring process. Some of the food, the calcium level is high such as the yellow corn, sesame paste, broad beans, wheat. They also can take more.

Thirdly the patients can take Pumpkin and spinach.

Pumpkin: pumpkin rich in vitamin B and iron, it closely related to the good mood of the people, it can effectively help to change the blood sugar reserved by our body into the glucose to supply the need of our brain, it have some assistant effects to improve and adjust our mental state.

Spinach: there are large amount of folic acid in spinach, it not only have the effect to assistant our brain to produce the serotonin, it also can effectively relieve the depression, anxiety or other uneven emotions, it also a good food to improve and adjust our mental state, eat more spinach is good for vitiligo patients.

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