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Vitiligo Diet:What Should Vitiligo Patients Eat

vitiligo dietVitiligo is a very serious skin disease. Vitiligo treatment needs not only positive treatment, but also reasonable diet. On diet, patients are not supposed to eat food having whitening effect. Therefore, vitiligo patients must pay attention on diet to assist with vitiligo treatment. So what is the reasonable diet for vitiligo patients?

First, it is very necessary to decrease the intake of food containing too much glutathione.

Recently, clinical researches find that if vitiligo patients are lack for glutathione for a long time, their tyrosinase activity in their body will increase. Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat less or don’t eat food rich in glutathione, such as onion, garlic, tomato, fish, shrimp, mutton and pepper. Especially, vitiligo patients are not suitable to drink alcohol, or it will aggravate their vitiligo condition. And also too much alcohol is not good for body health.

Second, eat less food rich in vitamin C.

It is known to us all that vitamin C will decrease serum copper or serum copper oxidase. Too much vitamin C will decrease tyrosinase activity and be bad for melanin generation. What’s more, vitamin C can stop the generation of melanin. Therefore, if vitamin C content increases, it will be bad for melanin generation and not beneficial to vitiligo patients recovery.

Third, eat more food rich in tyrosinase.

The synthesis of melanin is a process that tyrosine generate to be dopaquinone under the effect of tyrosinase, and then be oxide to be melanin. Tyrosine is mainly from food. And tyrosinase needs copper and zinc and other trace elements to increase the activity. So vitiligo patients can eat more food having copper and iron, such as animal liver, lean meat, egg, bean and fresh vegetables.

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