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Why Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid Intaking Less Vitamin C?

Why vitiligo patients should avoid intaking  vitamin CFirst I will introduce what is vitamin C, vitamin C also called ascorbic acid, which is as a kind of water-soluble vitamin. But easy to be destroyed during processing and cooking, it is also susceptible to oxidation and decomposition. But it is stable under the dry and no light environment. Why the vitiligo patients should avoid taking too many vegetables or fruits that containing vitamin C.

The role of Vitiligo C physiological effect is to participate the redox process to maintain normal tissue cells energy metabolism and adjust the redox reaction in cell. It inhibit the oxidation of skin DOPA quinonemake, make the skin dark pigment oxidized reduced to oxidized colored pigment, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment and chronic precipitation.

In the formation of melanin process, the internal of melancytes tyrosine will convert to dopa under effect of the tyrosinase. If dapa are further more oxidized quinine, the quinine after oxidized will become melanin. If we add in the vitamin C during the process during the process of dopamine convert into dopamine quinone action. It can revert the quinine to dopa immediately. It will prevent the dopamine quinone becoming melanin.

Besides that the vitamin C can inhibit intestinal absorption lead to lower down serum copper oxidase amount, affect the activity of the tyrosinase, inhibit the formation of melanin. According to above principles, vitiligo patients should be cautious to intake enriched vitamin C fruits vegetables, or vitamin C supplementary. But vitiligo patients no need too nervous about that, It will not have an impact as long as the vitamin C intake is not too much, do not need to quit all the fruit extremely.

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